Together, Let's Take Today’s Special Moments ~ And Turn Them Into Tomorrow’s Priceless Treasures

Hi, I'm Esther T.

I have had a camera hung around my neck as far back as I can remember. In 2006, I joined the Phellos Photography club, where I immersed myself in learning, tweaking and taking photography classes. By 2010, I quit my full-time job and jumped into the world of Self Employment. Esther T Photography was born. Business was booming and the clientele was growing. Then, the year 2020 came around. The Covid Pandemic hit, and my husband and I thought we were ready to retire. So I closed my business. We packed up everything we owned, and moved to Texas. Well, I guess we weren't ready to retire. LOL! We've returned Home, to West Virginia. Esther T Photography has re-opened.

My primary focus is on portraiture, but I find enjoyment in all types of photography. Lifestyle, Event photography, or story-telling snaps. I love it all. I continue to stay current by taking classes, courses, and surrounding myself with photography and business-minded mentors. There’s always something new to learn. Ask me what my favorite photo is – and I'll tell you “the next one I take”. 

Let's see what kind of 'memorypieces' we can create for you. I'm available for bookings, questions, and / or mentoring. Simply use the contact button on this website - or email me at:

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